More Loans In Less Time

Speed and accuracy are vital. Our Mortage Lending Automation solutions expedite loan processing leading to more loans closed and improving your bottom line.

The Lending Process

The lending process is rule based with many steps built in for compliance requirnig data collection/entry, handling documents and  sending disclosures.

Manual processes can result in errors and cause delays while increasing exposure to unwanted risk.

With Automated Software Solutions – Data entry is eliminated and the process can be sped up with less time spent by people per mortgage application.

Why Automate?

RPA – Robotic Process Automation – speeds the process of processing applicatinos enabling you to close more loans.  All while increasing the productivity of staff by 30% – further contributing to your bottom line.

    1.  ROI From Day 1
    2. Boost Productivity By 30%
    3. Scalable To Grow With Your Business
    4. Eliminate Manual Work In Key Processes
    5. Handle Tasks Within Minutes
    6. Leave Engaging Work For People

What To Automate?

Redundant time consuming processes required for compliance and loan origination that are rule based, performed on a computer and common to each mortgage. 

    1.  Setup Loan In Pipeline
    2. Request eConsent
    3. Generate & Send eDisclosure Packages
    4. Generate & Send Pre-Closing Disclosures
    5. Order Credit Report
    6. Order Flood Certificate
    7. Order Home Insurance Quote/Policy
    8. Request Missing Documents From Lender
    9. Sending Status Updates To Borrower

Accelerate Mortgage Application Workflows

Accurately classify documents, extract relevant data, analyze for discrepancies, request missing information and fixes to incorrect entries, enter extracted information into any software, create document packets and send them out for signatures. Process more loans in less time to improve your bottom line.

Reduce Risk for Audits & Fraud

Mitigate risk while improving compliance and ensuring fraud detection with consistent record keeping and data processing. Automatic document histories and audit trails help you respond to audit requests and legal concerns fast and efficiently, enabling you to be prepared for all situations. Even document retention can be automated to help you provide consistent disposition.

Automate Mortgage Application Processing

As a lender, you rely on staff to manage loan document intake, indexing and filing. For mortgage applications, an enormous amount of paperwork is generated, from tax returns to income verification docs among other state specific forms. As volumes rise, the potential for user error or fraud increases. All information examined and entered must be complete, accurate, protected, and delivered rapidly. Robotic Process Automation ensures faster processing speeds at scale with an unmatched level of accuracy not attainable with traditional labor.

In an industry where speed, efficiency, and accuracy is vital, automated software solutions are the key to success. Automation speeds the process, while providing a rigorous method for perfecting data extraction and validation achieving high levels of accuracy .