Accounts Receivable

Improve cash flow and collection rates by automating Accounts Receivable. Secure payments faster and boost productivity with a faster, more transparent “Automated” accounts receivable process.

Automation Means Accuracy & Consistency

Our accounts receivable solutions can be integrated into virtually any financial system, bringing your existing software investments to new heights of functionality. The digital bot is trained to extract your data and validate it ensuring balances are correct. Discrepancies are escalated for handling by a person while the robot continues processing other transactions. The validated date extracted from the document is posted into your ERP system, allowing you to get process more transactions with less personnel.

Progress Means Change

Don’t let antiquated processes impact your bottom line. Streamlining the way your business functions can eliminate waste, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity across your entire enterprise. Distribute, retrieve, and archive invoices quickly, giving your business the edge to stay ahead of the competition.

Automate Your Business

Contact an accounts receivable process expert today to learn how you can get started.