Accounts Payable

Reduce errors, increase early payment discounts, gain complete visibility, and financial clarity with automated solutions for accounts payable.

Fast, Effortless, End To End Solutions

Transform your accounts payable with a simple, complete solution that runs the length of your process — from scanning and capturing invoices electronically to automating manual tasks with configurable workflows. Regardless of original format, location or method of capture, we help secure documents for your immediate access — integrating seamlessly into your existing financial system or ERP setup so your current investments work even harder.

Liberate Employees From Manual Data Entry

Automate document centric processes, such as invoice processing, insurance claims management and loan applications. We partner with our customers to deliver intelligent automation solutions, enabling them to eliminate mundane and repetitive data entry tasks spending more time on value added tasks achieveing higher productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability.

ROI – Accuracy & Cost Savings

Eliminate time – consuming tasks and manual errors with accounts payable workflows that automatically route invoices through coding, approval and dispute resolution. You’ll never worry about interest charges or late fees again and can start taking advantage of early pay discounts.

Build a digital workflow to read, extract / validate data and post invoices to system of your choice

  • Captures and digitizes text
  • Extracts critical data
  • Flags and re-routes missing / unreadable information (exceptions)
  • Sends validated payment requests to Accounts Payable for processing