RPA SaAs – “Software As A Service” enables companies to reduce upfront costs and realize the benefits of automation faster than with traditional licensing models. Clients pay one monthly fee for all their automation needs and see the business value of their investment immediately.

By combining services, licensing and support into one package, the client has the ease of paying one monthly fee to enable their entire automation program.

Through Robotic Process Automation, companies have a unique opportunity to create agility and. Successful automation deployments typically reduce the costs of day-to-day operations by 35%. There is always an intrinsic benefit that will create a competitive advantage for your organization, making you faster, leaner and stronger than your competition.


Move Fast

The RPA as a service infrastructure is already installed and configured in the Cloud offering a quick and painless start – up process. Additionally, this removes the need for on – site hosting in your internal IT infrastructure further reducing implementation time and initial investment.

Cut Costs

By removing the large up – front investment that comes with traditional RPA implementation , RPA as a service provides a cost – effective option that offers you the benefits of automation with no up – front capital investment.

Scale Up

Our RPA as a service option allows you to choose when and how fast to scale your automation initiatives. With a proven RPA infrastructure already in place, confidently deploy automations company wide as you are expanding your RPA initiatives.