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RPA - Robotic Process Automation

  • Simulates Human Work Using Existing User Interface
  • Performs Business Processes The Way A Person Would
  • Works In Any Software Application
  • Highest Level Of Data Security
  • Leaves An Audit Trail
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  • Reduce Payroll Costs
  • Save Time Staffing/Training
  • Increase Transaction Volume
  • Improve Accuracy/Speed
  • Stabilize Operations
  • Consistent Output
RPA Bridge Business Process Automations Icon Home How it Works

How It Works

  • Automations Are Digital Assistants/Bots Built Using Ui Path
  • Bots Deployed On Virtual Machine & Run In The Cloud
  • Bots Interact With Current Software User Interface
  • Some Bots Run Independently (Un-Attended)
  • Others Work In Tandem With A Person (Attended)
RPA Bridge Business Process Automations Icon Home What it does

What It Does

  • Log Into Application/Website
  • Verify Customer Data Against Source Document
  • Extract Data From Web/Documents (Invoices/Contracts/Identification)
  • Enter Data Into Any ERP/CRM Software (Salesforce; SAP; Encompass; Others)
  • Perform Tasks Off Screen (Send E-Mail/Move Files/Extract Data)
  • Create Documents In Any Format (Word/Excel/PDF/JSON)
RPA Bridge Business Process Automations Icon Home Scale


  • Multiple Processes Can Be Automated Using A Single UiPath License
  • Launch Automations At Different Time Intervals/In Succession
  • Run Automations Simultaneously With Multiple UiPath Licenses
  • Deploy same attended bots to multiple employees

Our goal is to bring you the latest technology solutions through simple deployments, providing value instantly that can be scaled company-wide.

Traditional Labor



Take Days Off/Breaks

No Days Off/Breaks

Make User Errors

No User Errors

Require Training

Limited Training

Get Fatigued

No Fatigue

40 Hrs/Week

168 Hrs/Week

Difficult To Replicate

Easy To Scale

Raises Required

Fixed Cost – No Raises


Tax Deductible

1 Bot Running 24/7
Adds The Equivalent Of 20+ Full Time Employees

About us

We are Process Automation experts obsessed with efficiency and AI/ML as it applies to business processes.

Our job is to help you identify the processes for automation, set up the infrastructure, develop stable and sustainable source code, deploy ensuring the digital robots are working at their maximum capacity. 

We then monitor the bots in real time ensuring uptime.

Get in touch with us today – We can help you get started!

Our Specialty

We help innovative start-ups, consulting agencies, and multinational enterprises choose the best implementation model for Robotic Process Automation that will work for their unique business needs.

Like any disruptive technology, RPA requires targeted expertise.

Our seasoned automation experts will review your current architecture, identify process bottlenecks, and prioritize quick-win automation scenarios to unlock the value of process automation with maximum impact, speed, and scale.

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